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WA-Night wallhack

.dm_1   demo0102.dm_1 (Size: 1,18 MB / Downloads: 3)
.dm_1   demo0103.dm_1 (Size: 719,57 KB / Downloads: 4) Player-Name: WA-Night

Date and Time: 04/11/19  15.15  15.45
Which Server ( Servername ):  crossfire 24/7
What he did/say: possible wallhack
Demo / Screen ( upload it here ):
Status:* not banned but I think he should be

I did not suspect anything until he used the rifle, he uses extreme quick scope, I cant understand how he could see anyone.
Its not extreme quick scope, this guy scoping just like me. I recognized myself while i was watching demos.

Saw 2-3 suspicious kills, but for me just not enough. Record little longer demos if you saw him again.
Thanks for the reply, thats exactly why I didnt ban or kick him, I needed to get the opinion of others that use that style.

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