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its time that made my app to join the clan
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-Your Real name (first name enough): Bhagath

-In Game name:Rebel

-Age (over 18): 23

-Your Country: India

-Your Guid ( last 8 digits ):d92bf09f

-Steam account: DWrebel

-Which languages do you speak?:English

-On which Server(s) do you play? (FULL Servername ):|HCB| Crossfire 24/7 -by;

-How often do you intend on using teamspeak?: have not used it yet

-How much time do you spend on our servers?:3 hrs daily

-Former Clans and position ( admin experience ):was a clan member of dreamland water town and was a server admin of super server (had no clan for this server)

-Motivation to join our clan and why we should accept you: have been in the server for 5 mts and was frustrated with the hackers in the hc server so i want to join the clan for a light chance for an adminship.

ps:- its OK if i don't get accepted ;i have to do my part so this post.
I don't see anything bad of you on the server(atleast when i'm around).
But your motivation to join us is not really original. Most say  that excuse/reason
but never try to report cheaters... (Which you can do here  Smile ) .They just go for admin rights...

Btw getting admin rights is not only about banning cheaters.We have other rules that admins
need to enforce.
hind with all due respect i don't think i wanna have admin rights or anything else right now cause i really enjoy your clan's server very much and like to be a part of it and being a member is a step towards achieving that and one more thing being a clan member i can contact u guys personally in dm or teamspeak to report live cheaters is also a thing. anyway as i said really like to join ur clan

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