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unban is needed
In-Game Name: DokiDokiNatsuki
Guid (8f3b6221):
ID ( i dont use cod4x )
Date and Time: 9/4/2019 after 2pm (United States Time)
Which Server: |HCB| Crossfire
Who Banned you ( only if you know ): Unlock
Reason: bb
Why we should unban you:

i did nothing wrong, all i said was: "dont worry guys, Im gonna blow up that chopper"
but Unlock was also banning other people for stupid reasons.

1. I ban you

2. ''Unlock was also banning other people for stupid reasons''
If you mean the one person i banned for continuous insulting(of me more specifically) for the last 3 days straight after many bans?
You have not idea what occurred  before that person's ban.You should not be talking and commenting of any bans if you don't know what happened.
It's none of your business.

3. "dont worry guys, Im gonna blow up that chopper" That's not the reason i ban you and if you actually pay attention to what i was typing to you in -game.

4.You see the ban and you are like''im gonna put this on youtube.hahaha.What a reason''   
    You are annoying.

5.None wants to see your hitler reference while they are trying to play.Keep them to your self.Camping is allowed so don't complain.
Spam and insult people, this is what we don't like.
Your appeal is denied
i was never even given a warning.

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