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Its 100% bug and they use it
Opfor starting side have 2 bugged spots and i rage about them everyday when i play bcs some rats sit there( included demos 
.dm_1   retards.dm_1 (Size: 1,21 MB / Downloads: 4)
.dm_1   retards2.dm_1 (Size: 845,97 KB / Downloads: 4) ¬† ). And if they have brain they can use chat for dodge predator (i tried to dodge all predators in one game i managed). Its freaking green car and column in ruins. I tried to kill them with many perks for sniper but u cannot. Only way to kill them play like me. Rush kill 5-6 players which stay in my way and kill them from behind. But u cannot when server is full of laggers and maybe full (17v17). U should ban camping on cross. Only snipers allowed to sit. Camp meter is totally useless. When u have full CM u can just run a little circle for 7-10 sec and its empty again. How i said in application for admin. Reduce allowed ping to 99. Reduce server max players to 20-24. And more staff. Like active admins (I've tried so many times to catch someone on Allianz TS3 but no one there). Do discord or i can create it for you. Open second balcony on marines's side. Ban claymore and RPGs. Allowed camp only with sniper weapon. Rework spawn protection its so buggy.
Stop cry about an old game, it's 1.0!
Hes playing WoW now I dont think he was suited to Cod.

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