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Application (Thoraxx)
-Your Real name (first name enough): Matěj Adam
-In Game name: Thoraxx
-Age (over 16): 19yo.
-Your Country: Czech republic
-Your Guid ( last 8 digits ): 76061f60 (idk please confirm)
-Steam account: | |
-Which languages do you speak?: English, Russian (can read Azbuka and know some words), Czech, Slovak
-On which Server(s) do you play? (FULL Servername ): Crossfire 24/7 (v1.2)
-How often do you intend on using teamspeak?: Everyday I have own room on my friend's TS3, also i use discord
-How much time do you spend on our servers?: It depends on my mood but average 2h a day
-Former Clans and position ( admin experience ): I've never been admin on CoD server but i was admin for 1year in CS:GO. (I ended it because i didn't have time to play after school)
-Motivation to get a Trusted Admin and why we should accept you: I see many deficiencies of server and very often violations of rules. I see turkish or some arab language a chat for 20 min in row... I hate when someone instantly call "he is cheater" i can see it too very often. I remember when i start play on HCB's servers i see skilled players and i felt super atmosphere. Now? I see just laggers with teleport(150+ ping from arabia and other countries like that) I have motivation to change it back. I want CHANGE for skilled players! I have many many ideas what u should change on Cross 24/7...
thank for your app.

but what you mean exactly with "I see many deficiencies of server"???
(14.08.2019, 23:31)Ice Wrote: thank for your app.

but what you mean exactly with "I see many deficiencies of server"???

I mean sometimes server needs restart... When we play 17v17 or more (its too much, i prefer max 11v11) server has problem with packets i think some bullets doesn't count or it just problem from my view when i shot to player with 150+ ping. I am not alone with this opinion.
Thorax what you have to understand is that HCB servers are open to all players from all countries which means that your going to have people with low and high pings.
The max ping is set to 250 and as far as I am aware it always has been.
What we have been getting lately is a lot of people from other servers that no longer exist, some have good skills some do not but the one thing that wont be done on HCB
servers is the removal of bad players just to make way for the good ones.
You will get people talking in different languages on the server as there is not a lot that can be done when no admin is present.
I agree with Alcon.
The server runs good. It's tdm, maybe you die to often Big Grin
(17.08.2019, 20:26)Ice Wrote: I agree with Alcon.
The server runs good. It's tdm, maybe you die to often Big Grin
Are u joking? I make list of "ruiners" which ruin the feel of this server. And btw i have best stats for last months and i think i've seen u once on the server. Maybe probably u don't know how i play. EyE tried to get admin but now he don't want it and idk if i want it too bcs u don't want any change or new impulse. U don't earn money for that so u don't have to make server for all. HCB was good but how i say every year its worse worse and worse. And i will be more and more toxic on arabic and turkish players with teleport(laggers)... I remember 1 player connected in the morning. He was from USA and he concluded he don't want to play with 200+ ping bcs he had brain! Btw u said u have 250 ping limit... Every day on the server i see players with 270+. So fun to kill them. [Image: wink.png]
1. Being trusted means - firstly to be on servers to make sure server is clean from cheaters. Being clan member - means you WANT to become part of our community, witch includes interaction with other clan members, and doing stuff for servers life (besides banning cheaters, making sure players are respecting rules, etc.).
2. "EyE tried to get admin but now he don't want it and idk if i want it too bcs u don't want any change or new impulse"....funny story bro. Eye's motivation to join clan is not precise and uninspired, and didnt show much interest about his will to join clan.
3. Speaking arabic or any other languages is disprespecting ONLY one rule, witch can leads to max. temporarly ban, nothing else. Admins cant be online 24/7 just to make sure language rule is respected.
4. Setting ping, score and players limit is ONLY internal thing of the clans administration, and only stuff can change it. You can ONLY suggest things that you think we can change, BUT you need to be member first to do so. Personaly, i dont have problem with high pingers, ez for me. Limit of 250 ping is ok, maybe you need to push harder? Individual thing. Why we dont change it? Well, our bussines. Players limit will never change, gametracker position of our servers depends on it. So deal with it. CoD community is small last years, we dont need discrimination by any cause.

All included, application is so wrong, mine opinion.
You say our server gots worse and worse? You have no Idea about it. Look, some dump guys make a fake server copy our name and more. Cheaters join and leave, this problem have all servers.
Btw we do not want people like crying about it. You should have more respect for peoble who make the old cod4 with 1.0 server online.

Trusted admin? For me a big NO!
My opinion is also no and the reason is you are abusive to other players on the server and you clearly have no respect as to how the server is being run.
You say you might have seen Ice only once on the server but I see you everyday and how many times do you see the name HCB Alcon, my point is we dont always use
the clan name.

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