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Hey Guys!

I'm Stammwürze, played a lot on your HC-TDM server last year and on Killhouse 24/7 this year, starting when i couldn't connect to the HC-TDM server anymore.
Now that I again have more time to play, I looked up your current servers and noticed that you got some new ones and I really want to play on them, because ... well ... yours are the best ones. Wink
But there's the problem: Except of Killhouse 24/7 I dont find any of your servers in my server list. And when connecting via Gametracker or manually via console I get the error, that your server uses a different protocol version than I do. With a bit of research I found out that the problem seems to be that I run a newer patch than your server does. But I can't find out on what version I would have to downgrade... atm I am on version 1.8 -17.2.
I figured that maybe you could help me, so I can once again play on your servers, I miss you guys Wink

Thanks alot!


You dont need to downgrade the patch. We are running servers at same version as yours, thats 1.8-17.2 as the latest 1.8 upgrade.In future if update option pops up, just click UPDATE and you'll get the latest version in a few seconds.

If you dont have 1.8 patch installed allready, just go here and download it

Try putting all 1.8 server IPs to your favorite list.

Cu ingame.

I think you tried to connect to a 1.2 patch server that we have.

Crossfire 24/7 , Yeah Baby TDM and Search & Destroy II are servers running on 1.2 patch.

The rest are on 1.8 patch.

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